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Commercial HVAC FAQs


Does Day & Night service chillers?

No, but we do specialize in light commercial buildings.

Who is responsible for my unit maintenance/repairs/replacement, me or my land lord?
It depends, sometimes it is the land lord’s responsibility and other times it is the tenant. Check your lease or consult with your property management company for more details.
How often do I change my filters in my commercial HVAC unit?

Generally speaking, you should check your filters no less than once a month and replace as needed. If your filters are on the roof and you are unable to get to them. We do offer service agreements where we will routinely come out and inspect/change them as needed. So, you can focus on your business, not your building maintenance.

At what point should I replace my HVAC unit?

If you are faced with a major repair and your unit is in the 8-15-year range, it may be a great idea to replace the unit.

Does Day & Night offer commercial leasing?

Yes, please call 602-956-9404 for more details.

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