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What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is an underground pump found in basements. Its purpose is to prevent flooding by draining excess water out of the building. This household pump will activate once the water reaches a specific height. But as useful as sump pumps are, they can malfunction. 

If you find yourself dealing with constant basement floods, you need to call Day & Night.

5 Common Sump Pump Problems

Sump pump failures happen. When they do, it’s likely the result of one or more of the following problems.

Wrong Size Sump Pump

Most sump pumps fail because of sizing issues. A pump that’s too large will have to work twice as hard to drain water. On the other hand, a sump pump that’s too small will have a hard time draining excessive amounts of water effectively.

Improper Installation

If your sump pump was installed incorrectly, it could malfunction. Common signs of an improperly installed sump pump include excess debris build-up and a motor that constantly runs.

Overworked Sump Pump

An overworked sump pump will either malfunction or stop working altogether. Heavy, consistent rains in your area may cause your sump pump to overwork itself and malfunction as a result.

Clogged System

Since your sump pump is installed underground, all sorts of dirt and debris can clog it. A clogged sump pump won’t drain water like it should. If your sump pump is clogged, call Day & Night. We’ll keep your lines clear.

Stuck Switch 

Is your sump pump running even though there’s no rain? Chances are your sump pump’s switch is stuck. Give us a call, and we’ll unstick your sump pump switch.

Sump Pump Installation & Sump Pump Repair 

Local plumbers like those at Day & Night can handle both sump pump installation and repairs. You can expect a typical sump pump installation to take about two days. Our team also provides efficient sump pump repair and emergency services for those days when you just can’t wait.

Call us if you’re experiencing a sump pump that’s:

  • Not draining any water
  • Constantly running
  • Clogged with particles
  • Frequently breaking down
  • Not working whatsoever

Types of Sump Pumps

Sump pumps come in many types, shapes, and sizes. The most common sump pumps found in basements across America are submersible, pedestal, and battery-backup sump pumps—and we install all three.

Submersible Sump Pumps

These sump pumps are installed within the sump pit. Since these sump pumps are submerged within the sump pit, they’re designed to be extremely powerful and effective at draining excessive amounts of water. They’re also capable of filtering out debris, making them an ideal choice for preventing clogs.

Pedestal Sump Pumps

Pedestal sump pumps are installed above the sump pit—much like a pedestal, hence the name. These types of sump pumps filter water by using an extension shaft. They’re the most affordable, making pedestal sump pumps ideal for budget-conscious buyers.

Battery-Backup Sump Pump

These sump pumps are also submersible but are battery-powered. Battery-backup sump pumps are excellent for homeowners living in areas with severe weather conditions since they can be used during a power outage.

Not sure which sump pump is right for you? Give us a call, and we’ll help you pick the right sump pump for your home.

Sump Pump Service Near You

Keeping water out of and away from your home is important, especially if you live in an area that experiences heavy rainfall. Whether you need a sump pump repair, replacement, or brand-new installation, Day & Night can help you make the best decision. Protect your basement by booking your sump pump service with us today.


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