Water Softener Installation in Phoenix AZ

Water Softener Maintenance and Tune-Ups from Arizona’s Experts

As all of us in Phoenix know, hard water isn’t always pleasant to drink. That’s why we install so many water softener systems. To make sure your water softener continues to keep your drinking water tasting clean and delicious, we recommend that you have regular water softener maintenance performed.

Components of a Water Softener System

The most common type of water softener is an ion exchange system. It replaces the hard calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions. Let’s discuss the components that make your water softener work:

  • Mineral tank
  • Brine tank
  • Control valve

The water flows initially into a mineral tank where it flows down through negatively charged resin pellets that attract and catch the positively charged minerals. Once the water is softened, it will exit from this tank into the house. Sitting next to the mineral tank is the brine tank that uses sodium (or in some states, potassium) to keep the resin beads negatively charged. Without the brine tank, the resin will eventually become positively charged and will no longer filter the minerals.

The control valve is the gate-keeper. It contains a meter that measures the amount of water being used and can be programmed for the expected water use for the house. That allows the valve to know when the resin beads need to be regenerated, or when the positive ions need to be replaced with negative ions. Regeneration keeps your system working efficiently.

Recommended Water Softener System Maintenance

To extend the life of your appliances and the availability of fresh-tasting water, a water softener is invaluable. If your system is no longer working correctly, you may need water softener repair. This hard-working system must be checked and maintained regularly to ensure that it keeps your water soft. We recommend annual maintenance and tune-ups.

  • Clean the mineral tank to remove buildup that can cause corrosion
  • Sanitize the brine tank to prevent mold and mildew, remove sediment, and keep the water flowing freely
  • Perform a valve inspection to make sure it is still measuring the flow and initiating the regeneration process
  • Update the circuit board with the latest technology

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