Benefits of Professional Heater Maintenance

Recent transplants to Arizona may scoff at the need for Phoenix heating services until the first chilly desert night hits. Then, with an HVAC system that woefully lacked heating maintenance, these newcomers find themselves cold and miserable.

The time to consider complete HVAC maintenance is before your system fails. While Day and Night Air gets plenty of practice with central air conditioning systems in the dry heat of Phoenix, we also are experts at heat maintenance.

Cool Nights, Warm Days

Phoenix is in the middle of the Sonoran Desert, and like all deserts, nighttime temperatures plummet, especially in winter. According to U.S. Climate Data, seven of Phoenix’s 12 months have low temperatures 65 degrees or lower. When daytime temperatures can climb to 106 degrees, 65 degrees will feel extremely cold. For your family’s comfort, having a complete system that provides not only cooling air conditioning, but reliable heat as well, is a must.

Transplants to Phoenix, accustomed to lower daytime temperatures and genuinely frigid nights, may think nothing of 65 degrees or lower, but combined with the dryness and winds, those Phoenix nights can be very uncomfortable, feeling like 40 degrees might feel to a New Englander. They quickly learn the value of both heating and cooling maintenance.

Why Your Heating System Deserves Professional Care

The trained technicians of Day and Night Air can work with any heating system as part of a complete HVAC maintenance program:

  1. Forced air furnace — Whether heated by electricity, propane, gas or other fuel source, a furnace is by far the most common method of delivering toasty warmth on cold winter nights
  2. Heat pump — The economical combination of air conditioning and heating for year-round comfort
  3. Boiler — Hydronic baseboard systems or steam radiators may not be common, but they are out there

Whatever type of heating system you have in your Phoenix-area home, our representatives can not only maintain your heat plant, they can probably improve its performance. One of the challenges with Phoenix weather is the infrequent use of heat, which may allow some elements in your heating system to lose efficiency or break.

Typical service visits for heating system maintenance include:

  • Measuring combustion efficiency
  • Cleaning flue pipe, combustion chamber, heat exchanger and more
  • Lubricating pumps, fan motors, circulating motors and other moving parts
  • Confirming secure electrical connections
  • Adjusting the thermostat as needed
  • Inspecting, cleaning or changing the air filter
  • Checking the aux heat system to make sure it’s working properly

If your home has gas fittings, our safety-conscious technicians will check all valves and confirm that no gas is escaping — a reassurance every homeowner appreciates.

By choosing Day and Night Air, you can feel assured our technicians will keep your home’s entire HVAC system running smoothly, reliably, and efficiently. Contact us today to learn how we can help keep you warm on those cool desert nights.