If you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, you understand how cold it can get during winter nights. Chilly desert nights can hit before you know it, so make sure your home is prepared for winter. While you’re enjoying your time outdoors in the heat, be sure to follow these five easy tips for preparing your HVAC unit for winter.

While there are many do-it-yourself guides for furnace repair, there are some maintenance steps that are best done by professionals. If you aren’t an experienced HVAC technician, there are a lot of minor issues that you may not notice immediately. Professional technicians are not only able to get your furnace up and running again, but they can also diagnose any inefficiencies in your system. Whether it’s improved air quality, energy efficiency, or preventative care, an HVAC technician can show you how to prepare your home for winter.

1. Check Your Thermostat

It’s probably been many months since you’ve turned on your furnace. Be sure the temperature is set comfortably. You’ll want it to turn on immediately once the temperature drops. You probably already know how sudden Phoenix can experience freezing temperatures, so make sure your thermostat is still working properly before it happens this winter.

2. Inspect Your Furnace

Although your furnace hasn’t been running all summer, there are many problems that still could have arisen. Inspect your furnace to make sure it’s completely ready for winter. Some typical things to look for are:

Moisture on the vent pipe
Unusual sounds when your furnace is running
Improper room temperature

If you experience any of these issues before you turn on your furnace or during the first few days of running your furnace, be sure to call an HVAC expert immediately. These are signs that your furnace may need to be repaired.

3. Change the Furnace Filter

The simplest maintenance step is replacing your furnace filter. Changing the furnace filter is an easy task that you can accomplish on your own. First, you need to find out what type of filter you need. You’ll be able to find out what type you need by looking at your owner’s manual or by looking at your current filter.

Once you’ve located where the furnace filter is installed, you’ll be able to easily slide the old filter out and replace it. Keep track of when you replaced the filter. Most filters should be replaced every three months, but the exact amount of time can vary. Using an old, clogged filter can overwork your furnace and lead to costly repair work down the road.

4. Turn On Your Furnace

It’s a good idea to test out your furnace before winter hits. Don’t wait until you experience freezing temperatures to find out whether your furnace is working or not. Turn on your furnace, check the temperature, and make sure there are no unusual sounds or smells. If anything appears unusual, don’t hesitate to contact an HVAC technician. It may take a few times before anything unusual appears, so try to turn your furnace on at least three times before the weather becomes cold enough to run it consistently.

5. Schedule Furnace Maintenance Before it’s Cold

A great way to keep your furnace running reliably is to schedule a maintenance plan. Highly trained experts will perform bi-annual check-ups to ensure your furnace is at peak performance. Day & Night Air offers a wide range of premium maintenance plans for your furnace. Take a look at each level and determine the amount of maintenance and length of warranty you want to choose. This highly personalized care is a great way to keep your electric, propane, or gas furnace working efficiently.

Got a boiler or heat pump? Day & Night Air HVAC experts have extensive experience working with these heating systems as well. No matter how you heat your home, you’ll be able to choose a one-time call or routine maintenance plan to take the stress out of furnace maintenance.

Frozen AC6. Don’t Forget Your Air Conditioner

As winter approaches, you’re probably only thinking about keeping your furnace running properly. Stay ahead of the seasons and also arrange for an air conditioning maintenance plan. As you turn your air conditioner off for the year, take the extra steps needed to keep it tuned up and ready to go by spring. You’ll experience typical Phoenix heat before you know it, so schedule any repair work you need before you need to turn your air conditioner back on.

Fast, Friendly, Phoenix-based Maintenance

Whether you’re in Carefree, Buckeye, Cave Creek or Phoenix, Day & Night Air is ready to repair your furnace or air conditioner. We have a number of HVAC technicians who are happy to perform any maintenance, repair work, or answer any questions you may have. Contact Day & Night Air today to find an HVAC contractor in Phoenix, AZ. Check out your furnace before it’s too late, and be confident knowing that your home will stay warm and toasty during chilly nights in Arizona.