Trane Product Spotlight | Day and Night Air

Trane LogoIn the hot Arizona summer climate, nothing is worse than having your air conditioning unit break down. Older systems can slowly degrade over time. So if you’re unit is 10 years old or older, you might be paying much more than you should be, since the unit almost certainly is working at less than peak efficiency.

Today, new technology has made AC units much more energy efficient, which can mean lower energy costs. In warm climates like that of the Valley of the Sun, packaged systems are a popular choice.

Trane offers highly efficient packaged systems perfect for warm climates. Let’s explore the benefits of Trane packaged systems as an option for homeowners in Arizona.

What is a Packaged System?

A packaged system is an all-in-one solution with the components for heating and cooling housed in a single cabinet. Installed outdoors, it can also be roof-mounted or installed on the ground. They are compact, energy-efficient and affordable. Trane offers a variety of packaged systems that provide quiet, year-round comfort.

Options include:

  • Gas/electric units: Use dual fuel to power the high-efficiency air conditioning (electric) in the summer and gas-fired furnace (gas) in the winter.
  • Packaged heat pumps:Heating & AC is combined in a single unit. A packaged heat pump system can take care of all your needs. Trane’s XL16c high-efficiency packaged heat pump comes with two-stage heating and cooling, providing maximum comfort and efficiency.

Why a Packaged System is Ideal for Phoenix Area Homes and Offices

Arizona is a rather unique ecosystem. Summer temps can reach 120 degrees while the winters can sometimes dip below freezing. That’s why packaged systems are a perfect solution.

You need a system that can handle the typical 100-degree day and still provide necessary warmth during those cold winter nights. The Trane XL16c multi-stage heat pump or gas / electric system is an efficient system that offers efficient cost savings cooling. It offers efficient cooling on a 100-degree day and still keeps you warm on the coldest nights.+

If you’d like to learn more about Trane packaged systems, give Day and Night Air a call!