Does Outside Temperature Affect Your Air Conditioner?
Does Outside Temperature Affect Air Conditioner?

Here in Phoenix, it gets incredibly hot in the summer and throughout much of the rest of the year. If you’re like most homeowners, you probably rely on air conditioning to keep your home comfortably cool when it is hot outside. Knowing how harsh our desert climate can be, you may be wondering how outside temperature affects your air conditioner. Here’s what you need to know.

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

Your air conditioner works by using a refrigerant to cool the air. It pulls warm air from inside your home, cools it, then pumps it back into your home, releasing the heat to the outdoors. In the process, it also removes humidity from the air in your house, helping you stay comfortable and preventing mold from forming.

How Does High Temperatures Affect Your Air Conditioner?

The higher temperatures get outside, the harder your AC unit has to work to keep your home cool. Over time, this puts added strain on all of the components of your system, shortening their lifespans. You’ll find that you’ll need to replace parts more frequently than you would in an environment where temperatures are more moderate.

In addition, most air conditioners are designed to keep the inside of the home about 30 degrees cooler than the outside air temperature. That’s great in most places but not so great when the mercury tops 115 here in Phoenix. High-quality AC units can exceed the 30-degree threshold, but you may still find that your system simply isn’t capable of bringing temperatures down past a certain point on especially hot days.

How to Maintain Your AC Unit in a Hot Climate?

The best way to protect your AC unit from the heat is to engage in air conditioning maintenance on a regular basis. The better condition your system is in, the more efficiently it can work, giving it greater cooling power when you need it most.

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