How To Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Energy Efficiency

Maximizing air conditioner energy efficiency is soon to be on everyone’s mind, especially as hot as it gets in the summer here in Phoenix. Are you looking for ways to squeeze every last bit of cool air from your AC? Here are a few ways to make your air conditioner work harder for you, but perhaps a little less hard on your utility bill.

Install a programmable thermostat

You’ve probably heard that there are certain times of day you don’t need your AC set as high, such as during the day when no one is home. If you have an old school thermostat, however, this can be difficult to put into practice. Replace your old thermostat with one that you can set up on a schedule, or even better, a smart thermostat that can be changed remotely and that learns your habits. Day & Night Air offers two types of smart thermostats for your home - the Ecobee 4 Pro & Trane XL824. Give us a call and we’ll gladly give you more details on each.


Keep your curtains closed

As much as we all love natural light, letting the sun stream in is disaster for your indoor temperatures. Invest in insulated curtains and you’ll quickly notice a difference in temperature when you keep them closed all day.


Time your chores

Things like running the dishwasher and cooking with the oven or stove generate heat, which isn’t good for your indoor temperatures either if you do these during the heat of the day. Instead, time these chores for evening or overnight when possible. For chores that can’t be rescheduled, such as cooking, plan meals that are cooked using the microwave or the outdoor grill instead, or plan some meals that don’t require cooking.


Use a fan

A fan will make you feel cooler by moving the air across your skin, for one thing, but it also helps the room to stay cooler by keeping the air in motion. Install ceiling fans in each room to improve air circulation in the entire house, as well as add to the home’s value. A portable fan can work in a pinch.


Make sure your attic is well ventilated

Heat rises, so hot, stuffy attics will make the house hotter by leaving the heat from the lower floors nowhere to go. Consult with a professional to make sure your attic has sufficient, well-placed vents to allow heat to escape. One of the best types of insulation you can get for your attic is blown in fiberglass, so stay cool and give us a call to learn more.


Replace air filters

Your AC has filters that need to be cleaned and/or replaced regularly to ensure the system is operating at peak efficiency. Even an energy efficient AC unit will end up sucking more power if its filters get too dirty. If you’re not sure how to do this, hire a professional to replace your filters for you or have your tech show you how.


Seal and insulate AC ducts

AC ducts need to be properly sealed to ensure they’re not leaking all your cool air where it can’t do you any good. Exposed AC ducts should also be insulated so that the warmer exterior doesn’t warm up the air inside the ducts. Day & Night Air offers Aeroseal, which is a great, non-invasive way to seal your ducts.


Install your compressor in a cool place

Check where your compressor (the outdoor unit) was installed. Is it in the sun for a lot of the day? Since this unit is responsible for transferring waste heat to the outside, the system will work more efficiently if it’s able to do its job well. Heat flows to cooler areas, so if your compressor is installed in a hot area, it’ll make it more difficult for it to effectively transfer heat away from the system.


Keep your compressor clean

The compressor also needs good air flow in order to do its job, so making sure it stays clean and clear is important. Don’t plant near the compressor or allow plants to become overgrown around it, and clear debris from it regularly to ensure it can “breathe.”


Get your AC checked out annually

Especially here in Phoenix, AC maintenance is a must. Having your system checked once a year will give your AC tech a chance to monitor the need for preventative measures, such as cleaning and replacing air filters and keeping the fan moving freely. A well-maintained air conditioning unit will last longer and have far less wear and tear on it, in addition to performing more efficiently. This means money saved both on the daily operation of the unit, and on the cost of maintaining and eventually replacing the unit.

When you live in the desert, installing and maintaining energy efficient air conditioners are of the highest importance. By following these tips for maximizing efficiency, you can keep your air conditioner doing its job as efficiently as possible, saving you money on operating expenses as well as on the cost of air conditioning maintenance.

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