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A garbage disposal is a vital element for any operational kitchen. Its primary function is cutting food stuck on the sink drain into smaller pieces that could fit into the drainage pipes. Normally, garbage disposals are designed to be self-cleaning, but some areas may remain unclean. Accumulation of dirt on the disposal device leads to the omission of a foul smell, making the kitchen uninhabitable.

Garbage disposals require frequent cleaning to ensure their optimal performance, and at the same time, to reduce their replacement cost. Most people wonder how to clean garbage disposal systems effectively without causing any damage. Fortunately, we at Day & Night have come up with a few tips on how to clean your garbage disposal with minimum trouble.


Generally, cleaning a garbage disposal is becoming easier, thanks to the developing technology in the industry. With only a few steps, it is possible to clean the garbage disposal efficiently, ensuring it is free of the sticky slime on the sides. One of the most frequently used methods is the use of a soapy sponge.

The garbage disposal should be off during cleaning, as it may start accidentally, causing injury. When using the method, one should cyclically rub the sponge against the grinders until there are no more stains.

Water should remain running for a while, ensuring that the area gets rinsed and all the dirt gets washed away. While using this method, it is highly suggested that more extensive materials get removed first to make the cleaning process easier.


Baking soda is an excellent agent used to clean garbage disposal because of its dominant alkali properties. This method is also quite popular since baking soda is readily available in most households. Half a liter of baking soda should get poured into the garbage disposal, followed by half a liter of vinegar.

Using the stopper to cover the drainage, someone should let the mixture react for a few minutes without interruption. The mixture should produce a fizzling sound, and after it ceases, the drainage should get uncovered, and hot water poured in.

While the hot water is getting poured, the garbage disposal should be left running for better results. Ideally, this process should be repeated from time to time to ensure your garbage disposal is always clean. Allowing cold water to run through the drainage before cleaning is essential because it makes the dirt less sticky and easy to clean.


Primarily, the use of ice to clean garbage disposal is getting more popular in American homes. Vinegar and rock salt are used in this method to make the cleaning more effective. Besides, small pieces of ice cubes get poured into the garbage disposal grinder to rub against the dirt.

Additionally, rock salt and vinegar also get poured into the grinder. The garbage disposal should be left on for a few minutes to ensure all the dirt gets removed. After waiting for five minutes, allow cold water to run into the drainage to carry all the dirt down the pipes.

In truth, ice is the best because it melts away, leaving the garbage disposal clean and in perfect condition. It is advisable to only use cold water for rinsing to prevent the grease from the disposal from solidifying on the drain.


On some occasions, the garbage disposal may still produce a foul smell, even after cleaning it several. The smell is often an indication that there is dirt stuck on your drainages. In case of this condition, a rubber test cap and clamp should get used for cleaning.

During the cleaning, the end part of the garbage disposal gets disconnected, and the rubber test is fitted on it. It is essential to place a basin under the sink to prevent water from spilling everywhere. Secondly, hot water is allowed to run until it gets to the same level as the drain. Oxygen bleach is then further added, and the mixture is allowed to settle for about an hour. After this time has lapsed, the rubber test gets removed, and the water is allowed into the bucket.

The pipe also gets reattached to the drainage system, and at this point, the garbage disposal is exceptionally clean because the oxygen bleach ensures all the stains that were stuck get removed. Most people often find this method very technical, and therefore, opt for assistance. In truth, we are among the top-rated companies offering such services in Phoenix.


Boiling water is also a commonly used method for cleaning garbage disposals. This method is relatively much cheaper and less technical, and it is most recommended for home use. Boiling water is poured into the sinks drainage, and it is allowed to flow down the drains. Hot water melts the greasy patches and slimy parts because it flows through the system, leaving every part behind it very clean. It is desirable to pour a substantial amount of hot water in intervals to ensure all the dirt is washed away without thickening on the sides.

Additionally, borax gets added to increase the effectiveness of the cleaning. On top of that, dish soap is also used to ensure the water can dislodge all the greasy parts since it may be tough to come off. Nevertheless, one should be extremely careful while using this method since the hot water may damage the skin in case of an accident.


Deodorizing your garbage disposal is quite a simple process that will leave your kitchen smelling good. Ideally, citrus peels are among the most common methods used because they are easily available. Citrus peels leave a lovely smell, and they get rid of the dirt stuck on the sides of the garbage disposal. This method is a complement of other cleaning methods, like the ice cleaning method, for instance. Vinegar gets used in this method due to its highly active antibacterial properties. Moreover, the use of vinegar ensures no colonies of bacteria develop in your garbage disposal device because they may result in an outbreak of diseases like cholera.