January 2018 Real Story - AZ Humane Society

Founded in 1957, the Arizona Humane society is a non-profit organization in Arizona that helps over 16,000 sick, injured, and abused animals a year. Did you know it costs an average of $800 per animal to treat the animals? Being a non-profit, they’ll take all the help they can get through adoptions, donations, and/or volunteerism. If you’d like to help, you can coordinate any of these at azhumane.org.

As you may know, Day & Night has partnered with Arizona Humane Society to provide relief to this wonderful organization. As part of their partnership, in December 2018, they donated two new A/C systems to the Arizona Humane Society Sunnyslope Campus; the third donation of this kind from Day & Night.

“The Arizona Humane Society treats sick, injured, and abused animals from all around the valley. Having reliable air flow, especially cool air during the hot months is very important to us as animals can’t get out easily. We’ve got to take care of them.

We are incredibly thankful. It means a lot to us to have these units replaced. For me and the Arizona Humane Society, the Difference is Day and Night.”
- Dr. Steven Hansen, Arizona Humane Society President & CEO