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Day & Night is a Preferred Trane Dealer

Interested in Trane? Call now for more information!

Day & Night Air is proud to be an authorized dealer for Trane, a company that makes truly exceptional air conditioning and heating systems that stand the test of time. If you already have a Trane unit, Day & Night Air is also your best choice for repairs, replacement and maintenance in the Phoenix area.

Trane Products are Built to Last

Other manufacturers often build their end products from materials made available to everyone. That’s not the case with Trane, a manufacturer that designs and makes many of their own parts.

Trane HVAC units are built to last, which is evidenced through their tough testing process. They diligently test every potential point of failure on their masterfully-designed units. Trane tests each element to ensure it is both reliable and durable.

Tested to Work in Extreme Conditions

It’s one thing for Trane HVAC units to perform well when they are used occasionally, but what about extreme conditions?

There’s no question that HVAC units providing air conditioning in Phoenix get more of a workout than an AC in Alaska would! That’s why Trane conducts incredible testing, which they refer to as SEET (Systems Extreme Environmental Test). This 16 week-long testing process helps the company build some of the best units on the market.

In some cases, a unit can go through more than 2,500 hours of continuous testing. The process includes things like being sprayed with salt for a week straight to check for corrosion resistance.

The rigorous testing process simulates five years of wear and tear. With their selection of quality-tested products, Day & Night Air highly recommends Trane units.

Need Help with Trane Products?

Are you considering installing Trane products for your home? At Day & Night Air, we’re proud to offer financing that can make it easy for you to get the best products on the market. Are you looking for Trane air conditioner repair? We can help with that, too!

Day & Night Air

Day & Night Air welcomes you to contact us for all your heating and cooling needs, whether you need help replacing your air conditioner, getting maintenance on a heater, or if you are simply looking for advice on the most energy efficient new options on the market. Call us today!


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