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Commercial Installation

Does your company need a new HVAC system? We can help! Whether you’ve already bought the exact unit you need and you only require a company who can provide expert installation services, or you’re starting from square one and need expert recommendations on which HVAC unit would be best, Day & Night Air should be your first call. There are several types of commercial HVAC systems to choose from. That’s why you need Day & Night Air! We’ve worked with companies across the Phoenix metro area and we know exactly how the needs of a business differ from the needs of a residential client. We will assess your company’s needs, recommend a few options, and give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the right unit for your business. Perhaps your business is one of the many Phoenix establishments working hard during the 70-plus fall festivals our area enjoys from August through November. Going from summer into cooler weather, you cannot afford to have your central air conditioning break down or your heating plant go cold. Your customers depend on modern, reliable HVAC equipment, and you depend on Day & Night Air for expert installation. Whether you run a restaurant, handle a hotel or wrangle with retail shoppers, you need steady, dependable heating and cooling. You need modern, energy-efficient equipment. You need Day & Night Air for commercial AC installation in Phoenix.


Choosing Day & Night gives you these great advantages:

  • Dependable, local service
  • Emergency service anytime
  • Superior customer service
  • Highly trained, uniformed technicians in clearly labeled trucks
  • Convenient financing options on purchase and installation

Commercial Repair

What are the two most important factors you’re looking for when searching for a company to help with commercial HVAC repair? If you’re like most businesses the answer is simple: Cost effectiveness and time management. Your employees aren’t going to work to their full potential if your business is too hot or too cold and there’s no question you could lose valued customers when the temperature isn’t just right.

Anyone familiar with Phoenix weather knows a few of these weird weather tidbits: Cell phones and computers can overheat; cacti can wilt, and steering wheels can cause third-degree burns. If your HVAC system is not working, you know one other fact: Customers are scarce. If you are operating an assisted living center, you need prompt, trustworthy repair and a company that recognizes the serious nature of that repair; your senior citizens depend on cooling, comforting air and radiating warmth. Got a warehouse that must stay cool? Rely on Day & Night Air. From retail shops to shopping malls, we can perform any commercial AC repair or heating plant repair your company needs.

Commercial A/C Maintenance

Why wait until there’s an issue that requires commercial AC repair when you could call us for commercial AC maintenance? We’ll come on a schedule you determine – or come for a one-time only maintenance call – and check your filters, your ductwork, etc. We can spot potential problems when they’re still quick-and-easy fixes and before they turn into expensive repairs.

No business can defer maintenance forever. Your commercial AC system will operate at peak energy efficiency and power only when you provide it the routine maintenance it needs. For commercial HVAC Phoenix businesses know to trust Day & Night Air.

A key reason to turn to Day & Night Air: indoor air quality. Why drive away customers or suffer high employee absenteeism from bad air? Clean air is vital not only for customer comfort but for employee health. Our trained technicians can identify air quality issues and work to correct them.

By partnering with Day & Night Air for maintenance and indoor air quality monitoring, you get:

  • Proper cleaning or replacement of all filters
  • Conscientious, dependable service
  • Local understanding of Phoenix air challenges
  • Innovative answers to keeping indoor air clean

Whether you need commercial AC installation or any other type of commercial HVAC service, Day & Night Air is your top choice. Call us today and see the difference between our services and the services of others in Phoenix. As you’ll see, the difference is day and night!

24/7 Emergency Service

Day & Night Air works day and night, every week, every month, to provide you with prompt, friendly service. Our emergency service can roll out to your business nights, weekends and even holidays to ensure quick service for heating your plant, cooling your facility, air handler issues and more. We are the commercial HVAC contractors Phoenix, AZ, businesses rely on for installation, repair, maintenance and emergency service. Contact us today!

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