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Real Stories

Valentine's Day Real Story

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New A/C Installation Real Story

New A/C Installation Real Story

After a long, brutal Arizona Summer, my A/C unit decided to quit on me and I knew that I needed to get a new A/C Unit Installed ASAP. I found Day & Night and gave them a call and they saved me a lot of money. They were quick, on-time and they picked up after...

Broken A/C Real Story

Broken A/C Real Story

Josh came to my home when he said he would and was very professional. What impressed me more was how kind and friendly he was with my little ones! They were curious about what he was doing under the sink, and he let my son actually hold a screwdriver and “help”! My...

A/C Repair Real Story

A/C Repair Real Story

It was 104 degrees outside one day when my A/C didn’t click on. An Arizona nightmare! I immediately started calling A/C companies to see who could come out to my home and fix it right away. While I could get a hotel or use fans, I didn’t want my pup to have to endure...

Water Heater Real Story

While taking a cold shower during hot Arizona summers might be nice sometimes, my wife and I were not excited when our water heater started taking longer to warm up and getting cold way faster than usual. We knew our water heater needed to be replaced, so we called...

AC Repair Real Story

I purchased a maintenance plan from Day & Night a few months back. I figured it was better to be proactive with my AC unit and not wait for an expensive breakdown. I turned out to be right! I have family coming over for Easter brunch, and I noticed recently my AC...

Allergy Season Real Story

Every year, around March and April, my son's allergies always go haywire. There’s nothing worse than seeing your little 8-year-old sneezing and rubbing his eyes all the time. This year, I decided to do a bit more research than just blaming the outside environment. As...

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