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Valentine's Day Real Story

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Valentine’s Day Story

As I was walking through our colder-than-normal house, my wife and I were discussing Valentine’s Day plans, and I was about to make yet another repair call on our heater. Then, I heard my wife shout from the other room, “If you loved me, you’d get a new heater!”...

Day & Night is Truly The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Founded in 1957, the Arizona Humane society is a non-profit organization in Arizona that helps over 16,000 sick, injured, and abused animals a year. Did you know it costs an average of $800 per animal to treat the animals? Being a non-profit, they’ll take all the help...

Day & Night’s Holiday Real Stories

Over the years, my family has expanded and spread out across the country. The holidays have become our opportunity to reconnect. My kids, their spouses and now even grandchildren all arrive to celebrate the season and spend some quality time with one-another. These...