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Best Tankless Water Heater Repair in Phoenix Near You

Tankless water heaters are quickly becoming a must-have for modern homes throughout the United States. In Phoenix, Arizona, these home additions have made a name for themselves by offering local homes lower energy costs, less wasted water, and generally better longevity than hot water heaters that rely on tanks. However, even the best appliances are certain to face malfunctions or other difficulties from time to time, including your new Arizona tankless water heater. Day & Night Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing is here to have your back when those situations arise. With years of combined experience and in-depth knowledge of tankless water heaters of all shapes and sizes, we’re here to ensure you never have to worry about cold showers or a general lack of warm water. We always aim to get the job done quickly and affordably to return to your daily routine seamlessly.

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5 Signs It’s Time for Phoenix Water Heater Repair

Tankless Water Heater

It’s always a good idea to have a professional plumber in your home annually to perform a thorough inspection of your hot water heater after it’s been installed. This helps prevent small issues like worn-down parts from becoming larger issues, such as leaks. However, sometimes repairs between maintenance visits are still necessary. Fortunately, there are a few tell-tale signs that mark damage to your Phoenix tankless system that almost anyone can spot. These include:

1. Gritty or discolored water
2. Strange smells or tastes from water
3. Insufficient hot water production
4. Strange sounds coming from the tankless unit during use
5. Leaks around the tankless water heater

All of these signs are clear indicators that your Arizona tankless heater is not operating as expected. In order to avoid water damage to your home or other serious difficulties, it’s always best to contact the professionals at Day & Night Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing right away for repairs near you. We’ll assess the issue and begin repair work right away, so you never need to deal with the inconvenience of living in a home without hot water.


What are Common Reasons for Tankless Water Heater Problems?

Before we can begin repairs, a plumbing professional from Day & Night will have to ascertain what caused your tankless water heater to stop working in the first place. While there are many possible culprits, there are a handful of common reasons why your Arizona system might have stopped working. These include:

  • Mineral buildup inside the system, leading to leaks or obstructions
  • System overload from high household demand
  • A blocked air supply or exhaust system
  • Ignition failure
  • Flame failure

While many of these issues involve simple fixes such as a thorough cleaning of the system with specialized tools and materials or a quick part replacement, they can all cause your water heater to stop working as expected. Our water heater repair services near you have the experience to deal with these and many other issues quickly, though, to ensure you’re back to enjoying the full convenience of your tankless heaters in no time.


What is the Cost of Repairing a Phoenix Tankless Water Heater?

Repairs can always seem a little daunting when you’re working with a tight budget, especially when it comes to an expensive home appliance such as your water heater. It’s only natural that you’d want the peace of mind associated with knowing how much you’ll be paying for a project before it’s completed. The overall cost of a repair job will depend mainly on what has caused your tankless system to stop working. For example, cleaning mineral buildup from the inside of your tank will likely cost considerably less than replacing crucial parts within the hot water heater’s ignition system. The best way to get a reliable estimate of a project’s cost is to contact Day & Night Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing near you for an inspection. Once the issue is identified, our professionals can give you a better idea of the price range you’ll be dealing with.

Those who are worried about the job price or who are working with an almost nonexistent budget never fear. Day & Night Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing in Arizona offers financing options to many of our customers throughout Phoenix, AZ. This allows us to give you the quality of work you deserve while keeping the experience as affordable as possible for you and your family.


Phoenix Tankless Water Heater Repair Near You

If you’ve noticed any of the symptoms of a struggling or malfunctioning tankless water heater, don’t wait. Contact Day & Night Air Conditioning Heating & Plumbing to schedule an appointment with our expert plumbing team today. We offer the best water heater service in the Phoenix area and have the tools, experience, and know-how to get your tankless system in optimal condition quickly, easily, and affordably.

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“I called this afternoon because my water heater leaked all over. That was about 2:41pm. By 5:00 pm Troy was at my door and ready to go. He secured the water heater, got it ready to be replaced, did the financing and was out the door by 6:15 pm. Talk about response time - The Best!
Tomorrow I will have a new water heater, code ready and I am just thrilled.” - Tina G.