Trane Air Conditioner Repair in Phoenix AZ

Trane Air Conditioner Repair

Trane air conditioning and heating systems are widely known for their reputation as dependable workhorses in the HVAC world. Their motto, “It’s hard to stop a Trane,” is true – the company has been in business making reliable, tough equipment since 1885. Still, anything humans make can and will usually stop working at optimum efficiency. For expert repair of Trane air conditioning and heating equipment, turn to the professionals at Day and Night Air for prompt, correct work done in a friendly and fast way.


Why Choose Trane?

Trane air conditioners are built from Trane parts, which means every part of your Trane HVAC system has been designed by engineers to be the very best. It is then manufactured by Trane to work on Trane systems efficiently and effectively. For expert repair, you need to rely on a local HVAC contractor who uses only Trane parts for Trane air conditioners and heaters.

Signs You Need Repair

Obviously, a Trane system that no longer adequately cools your Phoenix home or business needs an expert’s eye. Additional signs that your equipment needs repair work:

  • Rising utility bills
  • Odd sounds on startup or shutdown, such as whining, clicking or grinding noises;
  • The fan on the outside unit does not turn and the registers blow room-temperature air;
  • Short-cycling (rapid on-and-off cycles);
  • Puffs of dust or smoke from registers on startup.

Repairs Offered

Day and Night Air can perform every type of repair work on all kinds of Trane equipment:

The repair work can range from simple refastening of loose wiring to entire pull-and-replace work. Fan motors, refrigerant, indoor coil and more can be diagnosed and replaced, usually on the same day. The expert technicians of Day and Night Air can go beyond simply rooting out bad parts, though. They can repair existing components, adjust your system for optimum energy efficiency, and guide you in correct use of your thermostat.

Client Trust

Phoenix customers trust Day and Night Air’s highly trained representatives to correct any issue with Trane equipment. They know we will not oversell or push you to make an expensive change to an otherwise reliable system. We will get the job done, respect your time and budget and be on call the next time you need us. We are your neighbors. We value your business. We value your trust. Of course, Day and Night Air can help you select and then install your new Trane air conditioner. Yet we also provide top-notch service for your Trane air conditioner, no matter how old or who originally installed it.

Here at Day & Night Air, we have partnered with Trane to provide the highest level of service to our customers. We are the leading Trane AC Repair shop in Phoenix. All of our technicians have received specialized training straight from Trane to understand the best troubleshooting and repair methods for their products. If you currently have a Trane AC unit installed in your home or office, we have master technicians on hand to help you. Contact the professionals of Day and Night Air today!