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Trane Specials

Trane air conditioners in Phoenix work exceptionally well. They provide years of rugged service even in the brutal desert heat. A Trane air conditioner has a proud heritage; the company started in 1885 and has produced high-quality products for more than 130 years.

Slogan or Philosophy?

You may be familiar with Trane’s slogan: “It’s hard to stop a Trane.” Is that just some marketing fluff, or is there a method behind it? For Trane, the motto is more than just a sales slogan. Every part of a Trane product is specifically designed by Trane’s engineers to be reliable and long lasting.

A little-known secret among some HVAC manufacturers is that many of their systems’ parts are fully interchangeable, even between brands. This is not the case with Trane central air conditioners, furnaces and other appliances. They are designed, built, and tested as Trane engineers demand, without regard to available parts already on the market.

A Trane is a Trane, through and through. If a part fails the engineers’ demanding tests, it never makes it into a Trane unit.


A Trane unit endures a rigorous testing regimen before being approved for sale. At Trane’s laboratories in Texas, the Systems Extreme Environmental Test (SEET) puts a typical Trane air conditioner through a full 16 weeks of alternating cold and heat. Some central air conditioners have to hold up under the equivalent of five years of continuous operation. For example, the Climatuff compressor used inside the air conditioners was subjected to over 900 attempts to break it — something the technicians could not do.

After all that testing, the units are ready for the tough climate of Arizona, with its brutal heat and plunging night temperatures in winter. Phoenix, especially, is hit hard by high temperatures that hover over 100 degrees for months. Yet Trane units have operated reliably in and around Phoenix for decades, carefully watched over by the highly trained technicians of Day and Night Air.

Trane Specials

Trane systems are great values, but everyone likes to save as much money as possible. Homeowners in the Phoenix metro area would be wise to grab extra savings on Trane equipment when they can.

Experience Matters

Just as it takes a lot to stop a Trane, it takes a real challenge to stump the experienced installers of Day and Night Air. Let our technicians install your new Trane system and soon you will be enjoying ideal indoor air for years to come. Contact us at Day and Night Air today to learn more about our great deals on Trane HVAC equipment.