Trane Split System Air Conditioning

Trane Split Systems

A Phoenix homeowner or business owner shopping for central air conditioning will inevitably have a choice between what is called a package unit and a split system. The split system is almost universal in home HVAC operation, while many businesses place single units on their commercial roofs. Split system central air conditioners, such as Trane AC, are known for their flexibility and ease of service.

Split Systems from Trane

The many models of Trane split system central air conditioners and coolers offer both quality and reliability. As their slogan suggests, “It takes hard to stop a Trane.” The split system is a great solution for both Phoenix-area homes and businesses.

The indoor section of a Trane split system uses these central air conditioning parts:

1. Fan
2. Indoor cooling coil (the evaporator coil)
3. Heating element or Heat exchanger
4. Air filter for cleaner, purer indoor air

The outdoor section houses these cooling parts:

1. Compressor
2. Condenser coil
3. Fan

The two sections are connected by refrigerant tubing, so their various parts are split between indoors and outdoors. By splitting the machinery, Trane allows for flexible installations. All Trane units are noted for their reliable operation and easy service.

The Trane Difference

A Trane split system is completely different from a single unit typically installed on a business property or residential roof. The two components of a split system must be exactly matched for perfect system balance and energy efficiency.

This matching produces lower installation costs and long-term energy savings. Trane units meet or exceed both safety and design standards. By selecting the ideal size for your cooling load, you can rest assured knowing you have Trane dependability, built-in energy efficiency, and low operating costs.

Why Choose Trane?

Since 1885, Trane has been providing reliable equipment for home and business comfort. Today, Trane engineers and cooling specialists design and fabricate every Trane part. The brand is noted for its toughness, reliability, low operating costs, and easy servicing. Unlike most other brands, Trane designs and makes all of its own parts. This means the parts work in complete harmony.

Trane is the preferred brand for many schools, municipal buildings, and industrial facilities. With such dependable parts and a track record of rugged performance, any company or individual interested in stretching its HVAC dollar will closely examine Trane split systems.

Day and Night Air can install your new Trane Air Conditioner for home or business, including energy-efficient split systems of any size. We are a Trane dealer and can provide top-notch service. We have the best-trained technicians in the Phoenix area, and we offer specials on purchase and installation of tough, reliable Trane systems. Contact us today to learn more.